Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Video and Audio - Taming Linear Learning

We learn in messy ways. We CAN learn by watching and listening to a (linear) presentation, live or on video. That is, concentrating on a several minutes or many minutes piece of teaching - and adapt our own learning strategies to it (note-taking, mind map, etc). However, that linear experience is sometimes difficult to recall. The construction that we have received is someone else's, not our own, and to learn it (that is, recall some of the ideas at least), we have to make it our own. We need to interact with it.
TED Talks are great sources of inspiration. But I often can recall a couple of the impact ideas and not much else. TED Talks are told as a story, they often have an intentional emotional impact, but the actual reasoning and important detail remains in the goo of our brains.
So, I welcome tedsketchnotes - a pictorial summary of TED Talks, produced by Stefani Bachetti. She plans a new image every weekday, give or take (information from the TED Blog).
Here is an example of the Daniel Pink talk on Motivation:

This is NOT the same as constructing your own learning BUT it allows a recall of the main ideas, breaking the linear nature of video (scan to find what you are looking for).
Thank you Stefani - great initiative which might spur others to do their own sketches to share.

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